Do you have what it takes to be part of LAF 2020?

Words: Sally Slingsby

As we approach the end of Liverpool Art Fair 2019 we take a trip down memory lane, reflecting on the fantastic range of the wonderful and the more ‘acquired’ artwork of LAF, past and present. Each year we aim to represent some of the best and most exciting artists from the North West and we are already excited to open up submissions for LAF2020 in the springtime of next year. To keep up to date with our open call for the next Art Fair, you can sign up up to our artist newsletter by popping your email on our visitors sheet at Liverpool Art Fair, or alternatively you can subscribe to our mailing list at

Liverpool Art Fair is dedicated to showcasing artists from a range of backgrounds and stages in their career, and we are always seeking out new and exciting talent with the aim to provide a diverse range of mediums, prices and artworks for our customers. Take a look!


Emily Bartlett is a Liverpool based artist who grew up on a dairy farm in rural Dorset, South West England.  Emily is currently based in Liverpool, where she has her own artist studio at The Royal Standard gallery and studio complex in the Baltic Triangle. Her forte is large scale, experimental and expressive artwork. Emily’s painting ‘FOYB’ is on sale at LAF19 for £900.


David Gurney is a Liverpool based photographer who works between traditional landscape, city-based, and architectural inspired work. His framed photograph ‘Llyn Idwal’ is on sale at LAF19 for £295.

david gurny


Mia Cathcart is a Liverpool based artist who has a studio at The Royal Standard gallery and studio complex in the Baltic Triangle. Mia’s paintings are based on found images, where she has no relationship to the subject. Living in the age of social media, Mia questions if the face has become a saturated image that makes portrait painting redundant? She seeks to question the formalities and expectations of portraiture, highlighting the limits of the medium, and emphasising her paintings as ‘objects.’ Mia’s painting ‘The Approach’ is on sale at LAF19 for £550.


Katie McGuire is a sculptor based in St Helen’s, her work is centred around ideas, thoughts and sensory reactions to notions of restriction and boundaries. Taking an interest in the ways in which form, weight and tension, breaking points and boundaries can be explored through manipulation of her chosen materials. She investigates, through the use of handmade sculpture, the points at which materials can be restricted or pass through a physical boundary either created by herself or the environment which she’s working within. Her work ‘Little Un’ is on sale at LAF19 for £60.


David Holmes is a Merseyside based artist whose work is focused on visual culture. His digital artwork presents narratives that depict a past, present and conjured up events constructed from the acquired imagery, artefacts, sketches, graphics and personal photographs brought together to create a manipulated and imagined world. His giclée print ‘The Terror from the Year 1956’ is on sale at LAF19 for £190.


Alan Murray is a self-taught Liverpool based artist whose painting ‘Happy Go Lucky and the Death of Wolfy Smith’ described by the artist as ‘a political rant about globalisation and the environment’ is on sale at LAF19 for £1400.


Chris Duncan is a Lancashire based artist who works with tin cans found on the street to create pop-culture inspired artwork. Drawing on to the can and manipulating both sides of the metal creating a slight relief or 3D effect, Chris uses chemicals and spray paints to darken and colour areas helping to bring out the subject matter. Chris’ work ‘DESPERADOS CAN’ at LAF19 for £250.


Sophie Parr is a Cheshire based artist whose work is inspired by her local landscape. She describes her paintings as representations of ‘being there’; the movement, the elements, textures and colours. An important part of her process includes working with a variety of media and techniques, such as printmaking, collage watercolour, inks. Sophie says her time spent investigating is vital for creating successful paintings. Sophie’s painting ‘Bickerton Hill from Raw Head, Autumn’ is on sale at LAF19 for £850.


Chris Turrell-Watts is a Liverpool based sculptor who has been working with clay for over 25 years. His work explores the darkly playful side of childhood toys influenced by medieval illustrations, Japanese anime and ritual costume. Chris’s range of ceramic sculptures was on sale at LAF18.


Andrea Visconti is an Italian visual artist, based in the north west of England. His work is influenced by 80’s neo-expressionism, the early graffiti movement and the contemporary street art scene. He experiments with different media and technique, blurring the boundaries between graphic design and visual art. His most recent work explores the relationship between humans, art and technology – often combining celebrity subjects with a striking distorted technique to urge audiences to question their perception of reality and how that is changing. Andrea’s work was on sale at LAF17.

Liverpool Art Fair aims to showcase as many visual artists working and/or living within a 35 mile radius of Liverpool as possible and so invites submissions which fall within the following broad criteria (further details can be found in the downloadable INFORMATION FOR ARTISTS document):

  • Artists may submit up to 5, two or three dimensional works, for a non-refundable submission fee.
  • Video, sound or performance work cannot be accommodated.
  • All work must be for sale, and priced within the parameters specified.
  • Maximum dimensions of any individual work to be 150x150cm

If you’re interested in getting involved with Liverpool Art Fair 2020 make sure you subscribe to our mailing list: ARTISTS MAILING LIST to be the first to know!